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2019 Soulful Essentials Pop Up Shop Dates

1. Feb 2nd Black History Month & Valentines Day Shopping Event  

2. Mar 16th- March Madness Shopping Event 

3. April 13th- Spring Shopping Event 

4. May 12th- Mothers Day Shopping Event 

5. June 8th- Kawanakee’s Birthday Edition & Father’s Day Shopping Event 

6. July 6th- Independence Shopping Event 

7. Aug 17th- End of Summer Shopping Event 

8. Sept 14th- Charona’s Birthday Edition Shopping Event 

9. Oct 26th-Halloween Shopping Event 

10. Nov 23rd- Black Saturday Shopping Event 

11. Dec 21st - Soulful Essentials Holiday Shopping Event 

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Hey, I tried the Soulful Summer sugar scrub yesterday. It is awesome. My skin feels great and the fragrance is amazing. It really stays on your skin for a long time. My little ones kept asking to use it because it smells so good. They literally rubbed their hands and legs on my skin, just so they could smell like it too. Thanks so much. I will be gifting these to my friends and family.

R. Huggins

 I finally used the scrub and it is soooooo nice. It had my skin so soft and it looks as if I put on lotion in the shower. I have fallen in love with this scrub and I have  to purchase a larger jar. It’s a must that I tell my friends all about your products. Wow

J. Smith

I used my scrub last night AND I love it!! My skin is so soft with a glow😍👍🏾up for another great product.

R. Bishop

I just received this Soulful Summer organic brown sugar scrub by Soulful by c2; it was AMAZING! I used it this morning in the shower and my skin literally looks like it has a filter on it and I feel so soft 😊😊 The smell is so nice “Grapefruit MangoSteen” I love it because it’s a very strong scent but it’s not like perfume so there is no alcohol smell. I smell very TROPICAL and it will last all day!  The natural oils in it have my skin glowing so I will not have to add any oils to my skin today it’s very moisturizing 🙌🏿 

Michelle- Atlanta, GA

Coconut Breeze Testimonials

Your Coconut Breeze Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap is good; I like it! I love the smell and it’s not too strong. Also, not too oily. I like to feel real dry after taking a shower(very weird), so it’s good. It doesn’t leave me dry but doesn’t leave me too oily. For instance, I can’t stand soaps that leave a film on me.

Also, it makes my bathroom smell really good!

R. Waithe

Peaceful Sleep Organic Holistic Soy Candles Testimonials

OMG this sleep candle is no joke!  I am trying to fight it off to finish grading assignements, but I am so drowsy. This is amazing. PSA: DO NOT BURN AND DRIVE AFTERWARDS!!!

R. Huggins

My candles by Soulfulbyc2 took their last flame yesterday after bout 2 years. The thing with the wax is while burning, it turns into oil and once I blow it out,it turns back into wax making it long lasting. A soothing, non toxic scent puts me right into relax mode. Best candles I've had. Run me my stock. Im convinced these are my forever candles.

K. Nelson

This right here is what you want. I slept like a lamb last night (the precious lamb) please checkout and support Soulful by c2 Candles. Her candles will get you right. They offer candles and many other products to meet your needs. 

N. Baldy

Soy Candles Testimonials

I❤️ my candles! I had the Soulful Summer candle burning in the back of the house and the Allure in the front. My hose smelled Amazing!! Thank you for creating awesome products 👌🏾

R. Bishop

I was burning the Soulful Summer Candle in my office today at work and everyone stopped by to tell me how wonderfmy office smelled. 

D. Jones

Allure Whipped Body Butter Testimonials

When I tell you my love for this ALLURE BODY BUTTER I received in the mail yesterday runs deep it has my body so smooth and soft !!! I love the consistency and the smell is amazing!!! I love the fact that you don’t need much at all to achieve your moisture. I need a GALLON please lol 8oz is a tease lol keep up the good work🤗 Ps thanks for the gift😉 IM ONE SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!! 

Brayonna, Phx, Az.

Paradise Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap Testimonials

I've used the Soulful By C-Squared Paradise soap everyday since I got it. It's honestly like a vacation in a bar. The scent is strong without being overpowering and it keeps my bathroom smelling fragrant even after I'm done showering. I love this soap and a matching candle would be the perfect complement

C. Vernon